Hosepipe ban in place in Somerset


One local resident just doesn’t know the trouble he’s causing

Households across the historic county of Somerset are banned from using hosepipes from today, following an emergency council ruling last night. Previous council measures, including a ruling banning the floodwater from the country fair, have so far proved ineffective.

Somerset County Council met following an inundation of requests from angry constituents demanding action over the devastating flooding sweeping the county. “We were hoping to pass a motion asking a higher power to stop the rain,” said Council Chairman Andrew Fenton, “But our secretary pointed out that requests for divine intervention were managed on a Parish level. In the absence of any useful ideas from the government we opened the floor to suggestions from the public. “

The minutes from the meeting record local mother Eileen Nutbourne standing to give a rousing speech in favour of her proposal, as the floodwater lapped round her ankles.  “It makes sense to ban hosepipes: the last thing need now is some idiot watering his lawn.” Although dissenting voice warned that homes in the area had been hit hard enough as it was, and that flowerbeds drying out at this time of the year was a risk that shouldn’t be taken, the vote was recorded with 8 to 1 in favour of the motion.

The ban has come into effect immediately, however some Somerset residents feel that it may not be enough. Mark Waldon, Head of the Taunton Resident’s Association told the media, “It’s all very good banning hosepipes, but what about all the other sources of water? The county is full of swimming pools and rivers and children crying. We need to think about them as well.”

Wessex Water, the company supplying the region’s water, have released a statement praising the council for their forward thinking policies but adding, “We are afraid this may be too little, too late to prevent further water restrictions being necessary later in the year. Unfortunately, due to the projected shortages, Wessex Water will be increasing customer’s water bills in the coming months.”

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