Londoners can expect more scenes of everyday Tube usage like this one.

Cancelled Tube strike leaves Londoners furious

Londoners can expect more scenes of everyday Tube usage like this one.

Londoners can expect scenes of normal Tube usage like this one to become common.

London commuters are facing the prospect of yet more efficient and easy journeys to work after the cancellation of all planned strike action on the Tube for at least 48 hours.

Hopes that another strike deal could be reached were dashed after negotiations between the unions and London Underground were resumed. Both sides came under heavy criticism from Londoners left with the possibility of more weeks of uninterrupted service.

“I’m just sick of these Tube workers, to be honest,” said Derek Bligh, as he was once again efficiently transported from his home to his place of work along with millions of other commuters. “It seems like they get some sort of sick pleasure out of proving how necessary they are by turning up to do their jobs over and over again. Give us a break!”

RMT leader Bob Crow stressed that the disagreements between workers and management were real and deep-seated, and that a few more weeks of negotiations would see them fall apart once again. Similarly, Boris Johnson tried to reassure Londoners, saying that the planned modernisations he wants to push through against the wishes of Tube workers would “almost certainly” lead to more strikes in the long-term.

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