12 spinoffs of Neknomination that are spreading like crazy on Facebook


The Neknomination craze sweeping Facebook is just one more sign of the decline of western society and the depravity and inanity of modern youth culture according to the media. With Underground Magazine’s help you can be at the forefront of the next exciting viral phenomenon!

1: #necknominate

Suspend yourself by the neck using a rope. For bants.

2: #drugnominate

Take too much drugs and film the resulting overdose. Edgy!

3: #jumpnominate

Jump off a cliff. Go on, all your friends are doing it.

4: #bleachnominate

Down a pint of bleach. It’s in a pint glass so it must be OK!

5: #nukenominate

You and a bunch of mates stand in a reactor, last one to leave wins.

6: #flashnominate

Display your genitalia on a social media website. Banter!

7: #pregnominate

Tag friends who have to either get pregnant or impregnate someone in the next week.

8: #knifenominate

Perform some knife-crime and get your victim to continue the cycle of violence.

9: #wrecknominate

Film yourself getting into a serious traffic collision. The filming should help you claim insurance from hospital.

10: #mugnominate

Nominate a member of the public for your friend to mug. It’s OK, it’s for Facebook!

11: #dicknominate

Act like a dick in front of all your friends and family. Easier than you may have thought.

12: #chequenominate

Send a blank cheque to Underground Magazine and tell two of your friends to do the same. LOL!

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