Fans disappointed by final newspaper articles about Sherlock

Fans are calling for more scenes of Sherlock reading reviews of other TV shows.

Fans are calling for more scenes of Sherlock reading reviews of other TV shows.

Fans of newspaper articles about popular TV shows had mixed feelings this morning as the new season of articles about the TV series Sherlock came to a close.

“I knew that there was an episode on last night since I was at home watching it, but I didn’t know if it was good or not until I read several articles about it today,” said one fan. “I’m really glad to hear Sam Wollaston say he thinks I would have enjoyed it. I’m sure he’s right.”

Other fans however say the articles this year were overly self referential and didn’t come up to the same standards as those on the first and second season. “I think it would be better to have more shorter articles rather than the current trend of writing fewer articles but making them really long” said Declan O’Brien, an avid article reader. “I barely feel like I’ve gotten to know a writer before they’re gone from my screen for another year!”

Due to the rise of sites such as or many fans prefer to read about watching longer American series these days. “I like to get boxsets of classic shows, watch them all in a weekend and then trawl through newspaper archives online to see what stars were fat or ugly in which episodes and what scandalous things happened that I should have been outraged about. Now I find it difficult to wait a whole week to read the next reviews.”

Guardian readers of articles about TV shows you’ve already seen were in for a treat this morning when they read an article about a Daily Mail article responding to an episode about a newspaper proprietor that featured newspapers heavily throughout. “Now thats what i call quality TV!” said Jack Mitchell, a blogger who writes exclusively about newspaper articles about TV shows.

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