9 Pictures Of Benedict Cumberbatch That Remind Me Of My Failing Marriage

Sherlock - Series 2Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch looking sternly handsome in a high-collared winter coat. Something about the light on his forehead reminds me of when I used to go for walks with Marie in the early Autumn. We used to laugh a lot back then.




bc2Did you see him in Star Trek 2? I remember when Marie used to yell “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANN” at me. Ah, memories.





Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch Film "Sherlock"Some people think the new episodes of Sherlock are intentionally obtuse and in love with themselves but I think they’re the best yet. Actually some people think that about me too. Not mentioning any names.





bc8Wouldn’t you just kill for the cheekbones on that man! I mean, Marie has lovely features – but are they objectively more attractive? I really can’t say.  





bc9I’m not gay or anything. I just think he’s a fine actor. Marie always just ignores me when I try to explain that.






bc4Why would it be gay anyway to mention in passing what the female half of the population already agrees on? Can’t I have an opinion on male beauty?






bc7Now apparently I’m “revealing personal facts about our marriage for some stupid internet list”, but when Cumberbatch does it in Cosmo it’s “brave and enlightening”. Make up your mind, woman.





bc1Even as fucking Julian Assange he’s got more personality than me. No wonder she’s going to leave me…







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