"Good manners don't cost a thing, you know"

TEDx talk: Don’t go out without a scarf or you’ll catch a cold – Your Grandma

"Good manners don't cost a thing, you know"

“Good manners don’t cost a thing, you know”

“Remember to wrap up warm, now,” begins your Grandma in this powerful, moving talk, “It’s cold outside you know”. The climate is changing, and we need solutions to help us adapt and thrive. With over 80 years experience in life in general, Grandma introduces insights such as “You should get yourself a proper coat to keep the breeze out. One that comes down to your knees.” and “Where is your hat? Darling, you must wear a hat or your little ears will freeze.”

Gran has concentrated her research around her theory of ‘wearing layers’, and is trying to introduce the public to the benefits of thermal socks and underwear. Due to technical issues, Gran was unable to hear audience questions, even at full volume. Nevertheless, the talk ends with a standing ovation from the crowd, and Grandma proceeds to hand out sweets to members of the front row.

The pensioner concludes her presentation with a stirring and inspiring conclusion: “If you take away one thing from this talk, it should be this: don’t keep your coat on indoors or you won’t feel the benefit when you go out.”

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