Met Office: Weather to continue


This picture shows just a fraction of the weather affecting the globe today

The Met Office today issued a warning that weather will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. “We can expect weather to stay in place for the week ahead,” said forecaster Ben Windsor. “And probably the week after that, although our predictions are less certain there.”

Weather, a feature of life in Britain and indeed around the world for as long as anyone can remember, has traditionally been a source of both misery and happiness. It brings with it the potential for snow storms, heat waves, and sometimes light drizzle. However, Met Office forecasters have said that, while it couldn’t be guaranteed, there was a “very large chance’ that the weather wouldn’t affect people’s lives any more than usual”. Mr Windsor explained further: “What we can say for certain is that when people wake up tomorrow morning, there will definitely be weather. I’d bet my house on it.”

The science behind weather remains a source of controversy. Climate skeptics maintain it’s impossible extrapolate a trend from the limited human records. “It’s difficult to enough to be certain that weather is even happening presently let alone brainwashing the public about it continuing indefinitely!” said outspoken weather critic Max Fordham. “The most anyone can say is there may have been weather in the past but that’s mostly dissipated by now.”

There is good news for those attending Christmas parties over the festive period however. According to our society editor the continued existence of weather means that it can still be used a useful conversation-starter, or indeed a topic in its own right: “Simply ask your friends and co-workers what they think of the weather and watch their faces light up.”

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