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Sweatshop workers exposed as hypocrites for taking cash from corporations

Despite claiming to be opposed to global capitalism, these workers seem perfectly happy to work in this sweatshop.

Workers in the Third World who claim to want an end to exploitative globalisation were today exposed as disgusting hypocrites, in this photo that shows them clearly propping up the capitalist system by working in sweatshops.

Particularly embarrassingly, the sweatshops they were working in were making Guy Fawkes masks, a product trademarked by Warner Bros., a multinational corporation. The masks are also popular with comic book fans, who are notoriously pro-capitalism, only adding to the gaffe.

Opponents of the campaign against capitalism were delighted by the news, claiming that it completely undermined the ‘foolish, juvenile’ criticisms often made by people in the Third World when commenting on exploitative labour conditions.

“Some people are saying that this isn’t technically a sweatshop, but come on, they’re in a factory in Brazil. I think I know enough about global labour to describe it as a sweatshop to make my point,” said Telegraph columnist Graham Till. “Look, it’s a simple matter of hypocrisy for these workers. You can’t claim to be opposed to capitalism and then be caught supporting it.”

The irony of people complaining about globalisation and yet reaping its rewards by earning as much as $2.50 a day was seized on by many on the internet. “Look at these idiots,” tweeted @applefan84. “Last time I listen to anything they’ve got to say. Good thing I didn’t anyway!”

“These workers depend on their integrity,” Till continued. “They can’t really turn round and condemn people in the First World for being capitalists when it turns out they’re buying into exactly the same system.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a blogpost to write,” he added, getting out his iPad. “Don’t worry – I love exploitative labour, so I’m not hypocritical and therefore I win.”


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