Top 9 charity themed months to follow Stoptober and Movember

With more opportunities for month-long fundraising drives being created every day, we picked our nine favourites to see you through the rest of the calendar.

buttondownpants12. Dickcember

Participants spend the month with their fly down in support of erectile dysfunction.



Evstafiev-Radovan_Karadzic_3MAR941:  Radovanuary

Spend January thinking about the heinous misdeeds of former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karažić.



Andrew Mitchell2: Plebuary

Show support for Andrew Mitchell by being rude to policemen, getting yourself stitched up and losing your job.




9849&v=fit5123: Parch

No fluids for a whole month! In support of people having operations in the next 6 hours.



A-meadow-of-spring-flower-0014/5: Maypril

Show your support for social revolution by rejecting the April/May dichotomy.




calendar-2014-june6: Juen

Spell the month however you like to raise awareness of dyslexia.



DSC_0228-17: Ju-truth

Stop the lies for just one month.



amputation-saw8: Owgust

Show your concern for amputees by hacking off a limb.


goose-step9: Goosesteptember

Raise awareness of the atrocities committed by the Third Reich by goosestepping everywhere for a month. Uniform optional.




Next Week: Charity bracelets to support people with no wrists and ribbons for the ribbonless.

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