Underground Magazine would like to offer an unreserved apology to Miley Cyrus for our article “14 PICTURES OF MILEY CYRUS DENYING THE HOLOCAUST”, published yesterday. The article contained a number of factual errors which we are happy to correct.

At no point did Miss Cyrus claim that the figure of six million was a “gross exaggeration of the Jewish death count [and] just another page in a litany of Zionist deception”. We regret this error. The accompanying picture was not, as we incorrectly claimed, of a neo-Nazi rally hosted by Cyrus, but was instead of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The quote, attributed to Cyrus, claiming that “when you look into it, it’d be impossible for Zyklon-B to kill that many people”, was attributed in error; we now accept that the accompanying picture showed Cyrus performing “My Heart Beats For Love”.

Cyrus did not claim that the gas chambers were instead “delousing chambers”, or that “the chambers, had they existed, would’ve been impossible to open safely”, or that “if they killed everyone, where did the witnesses come from?”, that “there weren’t even six million Jews in Europe”, that “Israel seems to have done pretty well out of this, don’t you think?”, or use the words “where did all the ashes go, then? Riddle me this”.

Underground Magazine regrets any implication that Miss Cyrus thought “the Zionists” responsible for the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. There is no evidence that Miss Cyrus ever described the Protocols of The Elders of Zion as “a must-read”. Underground Magazine accepts that Miss Cyrus appreciates both the veracity and the scale of the 1939-45 Jewish Holocaust, and in fact has several Jewish friends.

The ninth picture in the series, claiming to show Cyrus backstage at a concert in Melbourne, was instead of SS-Obersturmbannfurhrer Adolf Eichmann testifying in Jerusalem in 1961.

In addition, the article claimed that the lyrics to “We Can’t Stop” included the lines “We can love who we want, see who we want, kiss who we want”, when the lyrics are actually “We can love who we want, kiss who we want, see who we want”.

Underground Magazine profoundly regrets these errors and apologises for any offence caused.

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