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Roma child rescued from loving Roma parents


The child was clearly delighted to be rescued from her real parents and taken into care.

A seven-year-old Roma girl in Dublin was today removed from her loving biological parents after random guesses from members of the public. The decisive action to rescue the child from her family home was upheld after DNA tests proved conclusively that she had been ‘abducted before birth’ into her Roma mother’s womb.

An Irish court ruled earlier this week that parents who have children who look anything like Madeleine McCann have no legal protection against their children being forcefully taken away from them. “Particularly if they’re foreign-looking Romas,” said Judge David Brooks.

“We’re delighted that we could save this poor Roma child from a lifetime of happiness with a loving Roma family,” said an anonymous Dublin council official. “If she’d kept living with her biological parents she would have been at high risk of frequent hugs, kisses, and affection. There’s no danger of that happening to her now!”

Members of the public were delighted by the news that the girl would be absorbed into the notoriously traumatic and distressing foster care system. “Just thinking of her growing up well-adjusted in the Roma culture makes me shiver,” said Maureen Dowd. “They just don’t integrate with the rest of Ireland. Take, for instance, our traditional practice of abducting Roma children from their real parents – they’re just not interested.”

“Don’t worry darling, you’re safe now,” added the council official, as the girl cried herself to sleep.


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