Disgusting multicultural rant goes viral on YouTube

Commuters are today studiously avoiding eye contact in protest of the horrific incident.

Police have issued an arrest warrant today after a man was filmed on the Bakerloo line spouting a tirade of praise for multicultural Britain. The man is thought to have been surrounded by a group of German students on a school trip when he started yelling: “All of you brilliant bastards coming to this country, improving our society with your diverse cultures and languages should be f**king proud of yourselves, do you hear me!”

“My grandfather died in the trenches and it fills me with happiness that we’ve moved on and you Krauts have become the engine of the European economy,” he continued, to a shocked silence. “And don’t get me started on the f**king Japs. I f**king love sushi.”

This latest “beautiful melting-pot” incident has increased scrutiny on racial tensions in the city, which many had assumed were still quite strong. London, once the location of race riots and far-right marches, has in recent years become tolerant to the point where many residents barely know the city they grew up in.

“I was just minding my own business, silently hating all the people in my carriage when suddenly this obviously disturbed man starts roaring at the top of his lungs about how much we all have to learn from each other,” said one clearly shaken witness. “There were children on board! They get enough of that ‘love one another’ rubbish in school.”

The suspect is believed to have spoken out after the incident on his Twitter page, which is disturbingly free of racial slurs:

“I’d had a few too many and I was just saying what most people are thinking so I’m sorry for any close-minded people I might have offended. Obviously they’re part of a multicultural society too whether they like it or not. #equalityforall”

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