Attention levels on Fukushima are dangerously low

“Does the spokesman for the government have any more information to give on the situation right now?”

Japanese scientists are calling for urgent global action following a report released earlier today warning that attention levels centering on the nuclear reactor at Fukushima may be even lower than was previously assumed.

 “For a long time there has been the usual amount of background attention being paid to Japan as a whole but the levels surrounding the stricken reactor have plummeted in recent weeks.” said a spokesman for the Tokyo Electric Power Company. “The fallout from this lack of attention is potentially very dangerous.”

Japan has been trying to move away from a fear based economy for some years now due to America’s market dominance, but they still rely on some nuclear hysteria sources to accommodate user needs during peak hours.

Japan’s energy minister today played down the findings of the report in a statement to the press. “The public need to understand that we have the situation completely out of control. A team of specialists in bright hazmat suits with megaphones are being paraded in front of news crews 24 hours a day to bring attention back up to an acceptable level”.

For this resident living in the vicinity of the reactor there are fears that it is all too little too late: “Attention levels on our prefecture have not been this low since before the Tsunami back in 2011 and we all know what happened after that…”

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