Nobody sure what new start-up actually does

BumblefizzIndustry insiders have admitted their bafflement at the business model of new technology start-up ‘BumbleFizz’, with nobody appearing to know what it is they actually do. Despite having an office, a trendy logo, and a Twitter account with thousands of followers, the start-up’s actual function is unclear.

“I don’t know what we do,” admitted founder Milo Jepsom. “I keep asking people who work for me, but they just start talking about our brand reach. It’s probably something to do with social media, I guess? I mean, we have way too many beanbags in our office for it not to be that.”

BumbleFizz’s website features a description of the company as “a hyperlocal disruptive transmedia social network integrating across the crowdsourcing and B2B verticals” alongside a stock photograph of a man in a suit eating a apple.

The start-up is attracting huge interest from investors, although none seem to be clear on the details of the company’s operation. “What do BumbleFizz do? What don’t they do?!?” said one venture capitalist. “Actually, wait, I don’t know that either.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jepsom. “When we figure out what it is we actually do, we’ll be so on it. Maybe we’ll try and work out a way of making actual money from it!”

Correction: since this article was written BumbleFizz has become Shoople, which has become ZagZig2.0, which has become HuBuB, which has become bankrupt.

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