"We should totally put a projector on that back wall and have a  Breaking Bad marathon"

U.S. goes into shutdown after Breaking Bad finale

“We should totally put a big screen on the wall and have a Breaking Bad marathon”

Today the US government began a shutdown of government services in reaction to the end of the popular TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. Economists have warned that the US economy could suffer irreversible damage, particularly illegal streaming sites. “They actually did it,” President Obama tweeted earlier. “They actually ended ‘Breaking Bad’ :(“

While most citizens planned to attempt to continue with life as normal, Republicans and Democrats were unable to reach agreement on what they should do with their lives now that the epic story of Walter White had finally finished.

Republican senators were holding out for watching ‘The Sopranos’, which they’d somehow managed to miss first time round, while Obama was emphatic that watching ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ was the responsible and progressive choice. Both sides blamed each other for the failure to reach consensus, although everyone acknowledged that the emotional trauma of the final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ made making rational decisions incredibly difficult.

“This terrible event will have disastrous effects for hard-working Americans,” said Obama. “But thank goodness we’ve got this government shutdown so we can start watching it again from Season One!”

The story of a well-intentioned everyman drawn into a hellish descending spiral of amoral activities is expected to reach its thrilling conclusion in 2017 when Obama’s second term of office ends.

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