"We’re empowering civilians to take control of their lives"

Why are Amnesty still blathering on about Syria?

"We’re empowering civilians to take control of their lives"

“We’re empowering civilians to take control of their lives”

“Both sides culpable blah blah blah, horrific abuses yada yada, human tragedy compounded by meddling of foreign powers…” Basically it’s the same old broken record from our friends at Amnesty. Funnily, they said the same things about Libya and that worked out alright in the end I’m sure.

What they don’t understand is that the weapons we send to Syria go to the good guys. We wouldn’t be supporting them if they weren’t good guys. The marked improvement in their rape and pillage levels is prodigious, and their plundering is at an all-time low this season.

Civilian casualties are entirely the responsibility of Russia who are recklessly fuelling the violence by sending weapons into a war zone. How can the Russians be so naïve as to arm fragmented, unstable, highly inflammatory militias like this?

Why haven’t they learnt from the mistakes made selling arms to Afghanistan, or the mistakes made by foreign powers meddling in Iraq. Why don’t they just let things take their natural course like we did in Libya? That’s what we did right?

Human Rights Watch are also still complaining that sanctions in Iran will have no effect on the leaders but will devastate ordinary people’s lives. Don’t they remember the success of the decade of sanctions on Iraq? They sure brought Saddam to his knees. If these policies are so ineffective and cruel then why are we still using them eh?

“Children worst affected, dictators only becoming entrenched…” Nonsense! I remember when I was a child, I didn’t know anything about politics and I didn’t have a care in the world. Why do they think Iranian children are any different? Sounds a bit racist to me!

At least we can finally get some rest from all that whinging about Gaza. That whole mess was cleared up last month as far as I could tell and there’s nothing to be gained from dragging it out in public again.

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