The cat in question

Trainee Estate Agent Fired After Trying To Prove First-Time Buyers Wrong

AN ESTATE AGENT IN EALING was made redundant yesterday after trying to back up his inflated claims.

“There was space to swing a cat,” said Jason, 26, “I just got the angles wrong”.

The house’s owner, 83-year old Helen Frith of 26 Ledbury Drive, commented, “Moggy was my life. I don’t know what I’ll do without her.”

Newly-wed house hunters Tom and Ellie Bentley were also disappointed: “It gave us quite a shock. She did have an unusually long tail, which might have been where Jason went wrong. He was trying hard, but that lovely slate kitchen surface was unforgiving to the tiniest mistake.”

Frith has been compensated by the estate agent with a £50 taxidermy gift voucher.

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